Discover How To Post YouTube™ Videos To Your WordPress Blog On Auto-Pilot!

...Watch as your blog, if like magic... grows automatically with highly targeted videos and increasing your blog traffic... 100% Guaranteed!

muse sponsor adHow many times have you read how adding fresh content to your site or blog on a regular bases is one of the best ways to generate free traffic?

Well one thing you soon realise, is you need to be able to make time to create and post that content on a regular bases. Which you probably found out very quickly is time consuming! or even worst you get sidetracked with other projects and you forget to create new content to add to your blog...

And so what happens is your blog starts to get less and less visitors, your blog goes stale and goes down in the search ranking!...

Well Today I'm going to Solve That problem for You!

If you use the WordPress blogging software, you're in luck. Because I'm giving you a wordpress plugin that adds YouTube videos to your blog on auto-pilot. Simple activate and setup the keywords based on your niche, and let the plugin do all the work!

WP VideoTube can post and dripfeed videos hourly or daily. Not only does it post the actual video, but also the description and the comments...

The other cool part to this plugin, you can Humanize the video posts, for example if you setup a keyword to post videos every 3 days, the humanize feature can post at random times, so it looks like a real person is updating your blog!

Now your probably thinking...

Can it Really Get Visitors to My Blog?

The simple answer is yes. I activated the plugin on 2 blogs shortly after the plugin was finished. The first was using a brand new test blog, I've not added any other content, nor any promotion. I've setup just a few keywords and let the plugin do the work and the visitors to the blog has increased every month!

Auto-pilot traffic... setup the plugin and let it run...

blog statistics

The more videos that are added, the more visitors find my blog. As mentioned above, the stats above are just for a test blog with NO other content except for the YouTube videos.

Just a quick note, my main reason behind the plugin was due to a couple of my niche blogs had about a 50% bounce rate. I wanted to find a way to lower that, without me constantly adding videos manually, so the idea for WP VideoTube was born!

I needed the plugin to post videos automatically so it was handsfree, and make my blogs more sticky. My programmer went away and did his magic...

Take a look at one of my most popular niche blogs.

It DOES have other unique content I outsourced to writers (added BEFORE the plugin was activated). The plugin was activated at the same time as the test blog, as you can see below the videos increased the visitors dramatically. Plus the bounce rate has also dropped...

blog statistics 2

Now, you could add videos manually to your blog which would without doubt boost your visitors. But WP VideoTube will automate the whole process and save you the hassle searching for related videos, it doesn't get anymore handsfree then this!

You can have this YouTube plugin installed, posting videos in less than 5 minutes and will never have to search for videos and manually copy/paste embed codes ever again! 

WP VideoTube Versions...

The 'Powered by' link is found on the Pro version only. The Elite and Developer versions, have the branding removed completely.

ALL versions can be installed on unlimited domains that you own.

The WP VideoTube plugin is no longer available
(The information above is provided for archive purposes only.)


The Pros and Cons of Eharmony

If you’re considered dating online, you’ve probably thought about joining Eharmony, which is one of the largest and most notable dating sites in the world. In many ways, Eharmony could be the perfect dating site for you. But you have to be at the right place in your life to take advantage of this site. Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of Eharmony.


First, the pros:

  1. It takes itself very seriously compared to other dating sites.
    You need to answer over 250 questions when you sign up, and so does everyone else on the site. Your results are used to match you with other members of the site. Therefore, the site attracts a group of much more committed people, and that may be just what you want.
  2. It uses a proprietary matching system.
    It’s called compatibility matching, and Eharmony uses 29 different dimensions of compatibility. All of this is based on science and uses the research findings of Neil Warren, a noted psychologist. The matching system has a good reputation and has been responsible for over a million marriages.
  3. You receive carefully selected matches.
    The matches you receive at Eharmony are highly filtered and carefully selected, so there is a greater chance you will get along with them. This method definitely beats chance encounters.

Here are the cons:

  1. Eharmony is expensive.
    Compared to other dating sites, Eharmony tends to be on the pricey side. Sign up for 6-month memberships or longer to bring down the monthly cost. Also, you should  join Eharmony free before deciding whether to become a paid member.
  2. It requires patience.
    Since you can receive anywhere from 0-4 matches a day, it takes time to find the one that’s right for you. You should therefore join Eharmony with a long-term mindset. Plan to be a member for months and set your expectations accordingly so that you don't get frustrated.
  3. Some people can’t use Eharmony
    In some cases, Eharmony rejects potential members because the applicant is not compatible with their matching system.

To join Eharmony free of charge, use this promo code site:

With a site like Eharmony, it's wise to use the free trial first. As mentioned above, it is a costly site so unless you have the funds, it's better not to dive in with both feet. A free trial, on the other hand, will allow you to create an Eharmony account, take the test, and begin receiving compatible matches. By doing this, you'll get a pretty good notion of how things work at Eharmony. You can decide at that point if you want to become a paid member.

Cheapskate’s guide to buying printer ink

printer inkI always seem to run out of printer ink much more quickly than I anticipate. In some ways I’m tempted to stock up on a huge supply, but since printer ink can cost upwards of 30 dollars or more, I hesitate to buy too much at once due to the price tag.

Being cheap, a while back I explored some ways to get ink more cheaply. According to my research, there are two ways to get ink cartridges cheaply on a consistent basis. One is to go to Walmart, where prices in general are low across the board. But if you got to retail stores, even the cheap ones, buying new ink is usually your only option. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you can get a good price or if you have coupons you can take advantage of.

If you don’t live near a Walmart, your other option is to buy ink online. If you choose the latter option, it’s important to order ahead of time so that you don’t face a situation where you are out of ink and have no backup cartridges.

Online ink stores abound, but choosing the one with the lowest prices can be a bit tricky. The reason for this is that there are online coupons that can give you big discounts. So you can’t just compare one store’s price to anothers, without taking online coupons into account. And a store that offers the best price on a given day may not be the one with the lowest price at some point in the future. A good deal of research and comparison shopping may therefore be necessary in order to find the best deal possible.

One store I do like is Inkfarm, and I've found that they consistently offer low prices on ink, at least for the printer I use (which happens to be an HP Inkjet printer). Regardless of your printer, you’ll find just about every kind of ink cartridge at Inkfarm. In case you were wondering -- Yes, they do offer plenty of online coupon codes, which you can get at

The next time you need ink, head to Walmart or buy them online using Inkfarm coupons, and you will notice that you can save quite a bit by doing either of these things.