Great games you can play online

video gameGaming has changed a lot since the Internet came around. I remember in the old days, we used to play games like chess, checkers, and monopoly offline. Card games were also quite popular. But eventually, these games became available online as people began playing them against each other over the Internet. But in these cases, the games were still the same.

A revolution happened in gaming when immersive video games hit the web. I can think of two games that changed the landscape quite a bit. One is World of Warcraft, which at one point boasted well over 10 million subscribers. The success of this game spawned numerous copycat games, but for almost 10 years, World of Warcraft reigned supreme amongst online games. One thing that I believe contributed to the success of this game was the fact that it was so addictive. Many people played the game for 20 hours or more per week. Some were true addicts who were on from dusk until dawn. Another thing about World of Warcraft was that it created a vast world with different continents, a local economy, guilds, and many other intriguing features. It truly was a compelling and innovative game, and most gamers at the time had never seen anything like it before.

Another game that came along around the same time was Second Life. Like World of Warcraft, it allowed you to lose yourself in another world, but the difference was that a lot of the content in Second Life was user created. This offered a unique gaming experience (if you can even call Second Life a game) that could not be found elsewhere. The possibilities in Second Life were only limited by your imagination. For this reason, the game attracted many creative people who found Second Life to be a good outlet for their imagination.

Today, almost all games have a link to the Internet -- Even console games such as the ones played on PS4 and Xbox One. The one buzzkill about playing such games is the cost. I get around this by using a Gamefly membership (you can check out Gamefly here). This allows me to rent games instead of buying them, and I believe I save quite a bit of money as a result of getting my games this way. In any case, I hope this article gave you a brief history of how video games have evolved over the years. It is going to be fun seeing how things will change in the coming years.