Halo E-cigarettes Reviewed

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the quality of the battery you use has a great deal of effect on your overall experience vaping. Choosing a good battery, however, is not always easy. I used to think that the more expensive batteries would be the better ones, but this is not necessarily the case. From my experience, a much better approach is to select the battery that is offered by a trusted brand. Halo is one such brand, and in this article I will talk about my experience using Halo's e-cigarettes.

halo cigsThe first thing you must decide as an e-cigarette user is what size battery you would like to use. Most experienced vapers like to choose the larger batteries (sometimes called mods) since they usually deliver more vapor and offer the user many ways of customizing their vaping experience. But such e-cigarettes are more expensive and in some cases they can even be dangerous. Most of the e-cigarette explosions you may have heard about in the news were the result of someone using a mod incorrectly. For this reason, I tend to favor the smaller e-cigs such as the Halo G6.

I ordered the Halo G6 after having a less than satisfactory experience with many other e-cigs I've tried. To save some money, I also used these halo cigs coupon codes. Of the smaller e-cigs, I've found the G6 to be the best for the following reasons:

1) It's reasonably priced.
For a branded e-cigarette, the G6 is surprisingly affordable. If you use Halo cigs coupons, you can usually get them for just over $10 each.

2) They last a long time.
Depending on how much you vape, you can expect the G6 to last anywhere from 3 months to over a year.

3) They look nice.
I know this may seem a bit vain, but the way an e-cigarette looks can be important. The G6 is a sleek battery and comes in many attractive colors.

Therefore, if you've been looking for a new e-cigarette to try, I would suggest you check out some of the products offered by Halo Cigs company.