Youtube influencer

How to Become a YouTube Influencer

Want to Become an Influencer?

Now that you have decided to turn your videos into viral videos, or become an “influencer” in YouTube’s most watched community, you may be wondering what exactly it means to become a YouTube Influencer. And before you think you’re missing something, keep reading!

A YouTube Influencer, also known as an “influencer”, is someone who becomes famous and popular through their videos. This process, known as being an “influencer”, usually happens through word of mouth advertising.

Your videos must have a high quality content, an easy to understand flow and a message that resonates with viewers. Keep your videos short, as the majority of your video should be a combination of text and images. The latter should reflect your company’s logo or message.

And in order to reap such promotion, you need to put yourself out there! Use as many of the popular social networking sites as possible, as well as other forms of advertising such as newspaper and TV commercials. A few websites you can utilize for this are Twitpic, HubPages, and StumbleUpon.

The first thing you must do is post your videos on the websites you are using. Link the videos to your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace profiles, along with posting the link to your blog or website. You may want to add an image or two as well.

Next, you will need to leave comments on the videos you posted on the particular social network that you used to post them. The best way to do this is to leave comments that describe the video you posted, as well as include your URL in the comment.

Another great way to drive traffic to your videos is to simply post them on forums related to your particular business or niche. Forums generally get tons of traffic because they have a large community and they are normally used by large corporations to advertise. Although there are a lot of free forums on the internet, you will need to pay to join some of them to get access to forums with large communities.

After you’ve made your videos, it’s time to market them.

The easiest way to do this is by simply posting them to your own blog or website. If you’ve just started, a blog is a great place to start because it is free and easy to maintain, plus you’ll get some excellent search engine optimization results.

If you’re marketing yourself as an expert, make sure you add your links so people can see the value you provide to customers. For example, if you’re a healthcare-related business, include your website URL at the bottom of your videos in a helpful manner.

When you do post your videos, don’t forget to include a link to your blog. One word of advice, however, is to ensure that the blog you use to post your videos doesn’t have a default blog comment link.

Finally, you’ll need to optimize your video submission to all the popular search engines. Of course, most social media sites allow you to submit to their community as well, so you can spread the word without having to go to other platforms.

Remember, becoming a YouTube Influencer doesn’t mean you’re special, but you may become very famous very quickly once your videos start to hit the big time. So get ready to drive traffic to your videos today!