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Reduce investment costs on wireless equipment

Managed WiFi is essentially a business option which enables an organisation to outsource such tasks as designing, securing, laying down, maintaining, upgrading and / or maintaining a business WiFi network. The WiFi technology offers the opportunity to construct networks at lower cost than traditional dedicated private local area networks. However, the cost of unmanaged WiFi is comparatively higher than the expense involved with a traditional private local area network (LAN). This is because in a LAN each computer on the network copes with the same wireless connection. But in case of an unmanaged WiFi, several computers on different networks share the same access point. For example, a business establishment in a multinational company may have several employees who work from different time zones.

Under this option, these employees are provided with their own private connection through a managed WiFi. Each employee’s connection can be configured as per their requirement. They get complete access to their work even when they are on a trip, travelling abroad or on leave. By using a managed wireless plan, business operations can easily maximise its business operations by setting up the necessary infrastructure without having to bear the overall cost for it.

With managed wifi service providers, businesses can take the help of professionals to manage their wireless networks. These professionals can provide tips and technical support on how to make the most of their managed wireless plans. Some of the services that can be availed from them include desktop network monitoring, mobile devices network monitoring, switch off and on-site switch off assistance, fault detection and recovery, PC to Phone Connectivity and WAN Optimization. Some of the basic features that help in wireless network monitoring are the MAC address capture, SSID capture, wireless band monitoring, access control, access management, wireless security, WAP reporting and much more.

A managed WiFi system helps in saving a lot of time and money.

The time that is spent on maintaining the wireless networks and the expenses involved with maintaining the infrastructure of the company can be greatly reduced. The service provider not only provides the hardware, but also allows the users to configure and install the software required to manage their own access points.

For small companies and home users, getting the help of a managed wifi system may prove to be a great option. With a managed wifi provider, setting up of the access points and other related tasks can be done by the users themselves. The benefits of this service provider are that it enables a company to save a lot of money and also reduces the workload on the company’s IT staff. By installing the software required for managing their wireless networks, users can reduce the maintenance costs as well. The software allows an individual to create, rename, and delete the access points, so as to make the management process easier.

A large number of organizations are now using managed wifi solutions.

They not only help them save a lot of money, but also improve the quality of their customer experience. A customer can expect his chosen service provider to have highly developed software that allows him to change the settings on his access point, so that the wireless networks are more efficient. In turn, the customers enjoy improved customer loyalty, as they are able to set their preferred settings themselves.

Apart from these advantages, there are several other benefits that can be enjoyed by any organization by making use of a managed wifi service providers. For instance, by choosing a reliable service provider, they can reduce the chances of getting affected by critical security issues that can hamper the smooth connectivity all around the world. Furthermore, customers can also take advantage of free network tests, so that they can ensure that their internet connections are up to the mark.

  • The managed wifi service provider’s market is constantly growing as more companies are making use of this service to connect with their customers.
  • Today, the entire infrastructure is designed for optimal performance, and you can easily choose the desired network design, depending on your specific requirements.
  • In fact, you can easily integrate the WEP or the Wireless Equivalent Privacy into the managed wifi services.
  • This way, you can ensure that your network remains secure even in case there is heavy traffic on the wireless network.